Landscape design for outdoor living

Plantkind designs gardens based on an open process and design system. We offer site specific spaces that deepen your relationship with the natural world. Our work is the intersection of native plant palettes and modern built environments for people to gather. The practice of gardening intends to create a more equitable world that honors and provides sustainable ecosystems for all life.
Forming connections and sharing recent design projects with behind the scenes thinking @plantkind

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Currently accepting projects for Winter 2024

Based in Northern California and working with clients throughout the United States
Spatial Planning
Schematic Design
Planting Palettes
Outdoor Lighting

Material Specifications
Exterior Finishings
Furniture Selection
Sourcing and Procurement
Project Management
Driveway entrance garden in Pacifica
Bernal Heights floating bench

(1) Full Scale Projects
(2) Planting Plans
(3) Lawn Conversions
(4) Water Conservation

(5) Consultation Video Calls
(6) Retail and Hospitality
(7) Styling and Advising
(8) Renovations and New Builds

Cooking    Housing
Fitness    Dining
Edibles    Warmth
Playing    Pets
Climate    Swim

Providing guidance for pathways
Yuccas, Buckwheats, Lemonade Berries

Editorial Newsletter
Behind the scenes and resources from a landscape design studio in California. Tackling renovations, building spaces, planting gardens, and selecting products for outdoor living at home. 

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Learn from the space that surrounds. in your existing site conditions to gain a deep understanding of the unique vision and desired outcomes.

Explore multiple conceptual directions to establish guiding themes for the landscape that inform and set the tone for the story moving forward.

Layer planting and material palettes together with selections that align with the project goals and meets the needs of the local ecosystem.

Communicate the design intent thoughtfully through a set of organized plans to guide the installation of the future outdoor space. 
Hot tub time in the backyard

Sourcing and Procurement
Seamless project delivery with our network of suppliers for plant material, lighting fixtures, and outdoor furniture. Ensuring the original design intent is brought to life.
Implementation and Build
Partnering with landscape contractors, we stay involved through the installation with multiple site visits during the project lifecycle. Often engaging with arborists, electricians, permitting specialists, and plumbers.
Garden Care
You can never really finish a garden. On-going maintenance services through our community of gardeners. For those who would like to care for their garden themselves, we are happy to provide guidance and resources.

Front garden in North Oakland
Shade sail chicken coop and drystack rock wall

Research and Interests
Natural Playscapes, Home Electrification, Moments of Stillness, Birds, Carbon Capture, ADU Integrations, Multi-Family Developments, Portals and Gateways, Garden Sculptures, Minimalism, Ecological Restoration, Hiking Trips, Wind Chimes, and Intentional Spaces

Standard Features

In-Lite Disc Wall Fixture

Low-Voltage lighting designed in the Netherlands

Staffa, Ferm Living

Outdoor furniture from select brands

Rivian wall charger

EV charging stations

Water Right 50’ hose

No BPA recycled plastic garden hoses

Quercus kelloggii

California native trees for present and future

Rachio Controller

Irrigation systems for smart homes with weather intelligence

Aquor Water System 

Leak and corrosion resistant, plug and play hose spigots

Heath Ceramics numbers

Accessories for home exteriors

Design System
Growing series of starting point for landscape design projects. Including a catalog of all potential elements and features you might include in a residential landscape, plus collection of brands and specific products that work well in harmony.
Boardwalks, pizza lounge seating, and Buckeye tree blossoms

    Sustainability Practices
      • Lawn Replacement
      • Composting Setups
      • Hand Watering 
      • Permeable Surfaces
      • Recycled Products
      • Rainwater Capture
      • Natural Materials
      • Habitat Development
      • Energy Saving Shading
      • Greywater Systems
      • Without Artificial Turf
      • Carbon Capture Concrete
      • Insect Friendly Lighting

      Trade Partners
      Open to new collaborations with architects and interior designers. Focused on holistic large scale projects and smaller scopes where landscape perspectives are needed.
      Job Opportunities
      Always keeping our eyes open for lovely people to work with. Not actively hiring but feel free to reach out and share work samples and your interests. Ideal team members bring design talent plus project management experience.


      Studio Background
      Plantkind is being grown by Ethan Bodnar with a previous experience at design-build firms, native plant nurseries, national design organizations, branding studios, and venture-backed education technology startups. 
      Acknowledge that our work is on occupied native landEstablished in 2016 in the spring season